Our goals are to offer and encourage mobility among students, teachers and staff. It equips students with a better education, accurate professional training and promotes cultural awareness. By joining our school, you’ll have the opportunity to gain experience studying abroad and improve your foreign language skills.

Therefore “Foundation LA MACHE” aims are to help students to define and build up their personal and professional future.

Our Dean is in charge of guaranteeing the values and specificity of SUP LA MACHE, coordinating departments, fostering education, international relations and student life.

In 2011, then in 2013, three professional qualifications were registered on the qualification system to the national referencing processes ("national referencing report") according with the European Qualification Framework (EQF). (CADI)

Sup La Mache International

Sup'La Mache 

69 bd Jean XXIII

69008 Lyon


04 72 78 55 66

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